"I loved your film [This Is Family]!!  So funny, so well-written and so well shot.  I love how you built to the close-ups on the father at the end too, you totally ramped up the tension in a beautifully natural way... hard to do... but you have cinema in your blood!" 

~ Cameron Crowe, Academy Award winning writer/director 

"Devin is a pleasure to work with! His amiable personality made working together a cinch. Despite this being our first collaboration I felt as though we'd worked together many times. The complete understanding he has of his craft is apparent in his work. He also provided many thoughtful suggestions throughout the production process in order to bring the project to the next level. I look forward to our next collaboration!"

~ Andrew Rines, director

"I've had the pleasure of working with Devin over the years on numerous projects, and I can assure you of the quality of his work and the experience as a whole. He is very easy to work with, and a consumate professional. He is not only a great editor, but an artist. He approaches all his projects as a creative force, not as a lowly technician waiting for you to tell him what to do. He takes initiative and interjects himself creatively in everything he does, but never in a way that comes off as "hijacking your vision" or taking control of your production. His skill set is broader than that of any editor I know, with a knowledge of animation, set design, photography, lighting, and sound design. He is also a brilliant communicator and his artistic intuition is astounding. He can offer valuable advice in just about any area, including music, directing, and writing. You can always count on him to deliver the goods, better than you expected, even under crippling deadlines.

Bottom line: after working with this guy, you'll want him around on all your projects."

~ Zach Spickenreuther, composer

"I've worked with Devin on a number of projects and can attest to his tenacity. He has saved the day on many occasions through quick action and steady nerves. His post production skills are top shelf, and I dare say he is an expert in that department. I pain to think of a more on-task editor than Devin, and have seen him deliver excellently on brutal deadlines. He would be of great service to your enterprise."

~ Joe Holliday, production designer

"Working with Devin on the creation of the trailer for Rogue Artists Ensemble's project, D is for Dog, was a breeze! Devin's professionalism and great communication helped us to always stay in the loop throughout. This is by far the best trailer or video-marketing piece we've ever had for any of our projects and we look forward to working with him again!"

~ Sean T. Cawelti, artistic director

"After witnessing Devin's grace under pressure on a challenging video shoot, he was my first call for a film project I was producing. We quickly developed a shorthand style of communicating and he instinctively knew what worked. His insights and expertise saved us time, money, and a lot of headaches. I highly recommend him."

~ Guy Birtwhistle, actor & producer

"We've had great pleasure in working with Devin. To us, his creative insight and ingenuity in working with the limited resources given to him helped paint a clear picture of our product. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and was able to meet our needs with issue while adding conceptual value throughout the whole process. There was even a time in the late stages of the project where he took it upon himself to re-shoot certain scenes for the sole purpose creating the best product video possible. And because of Devin's commitment to our project, major players in our industries immediately contacted us after the video he shot went viral. We definitely plan on using Devin again on all of our future projects."

~ Brian Park, brand manager & entrepreneur 

"I really was blown away by your work. Your photographs are richly evocative, just beautiful pieces of work. You are clearly ridiculously skilled and I think we both know that it is a very short matter of time before you’re way out of any self-publishing writer’s price range. I have no notes, you hit it out of the park, it's easily the best [book] cover of any of the stories I've worked on. THANK YOU!"

~ Mark Wheaton, author & screenwriter

"Devin Schiro is always on time and well groomed. If you're working with Devin, you know he's going to help you acheive your vision. Devin is an excellent cameraman with an eye for detail and one hell of an editor. I have had nothing but great experiences with Devin on set."

~ Joe Magna, director

"Devin Schiro is a visionary who can deliver supreme products. His talent is blooming which continues to impress considering some industry professionals take their entire career to reach Devin's skill level. I'm excited to see the progress of his role in the entertainment industry."

~ Erin Kroncke, director

"Devin's dedication and positive energy is why I keep wanting to work with him all the time. His charisma draws you in and his professionalism and lightheartedness makes an amazing environment to work in. The combination of his understanding of angles and lighting along with his impeccable knowledge of his craft is what makes his work so great. " 

~ Hannah Runkle, stylist

"Devin Schiro is, for lack of a better word, a genius at what he does. I have had the pleasure, and I *mean* pleasure, of working with Devin on a number of projects. He has always gone beyond expectations and continues to astound me with the quality of his finished products. Not only is his work brilliant, but his work ethic is something to be admired. He is a "go-with-the-flow" kind of guy, but at the same time he keeps on top of things. He is punctual and he executes his task with ease. He makes sure that his work comes out 110% the way you want it. As a director of theatre, I have a specific eye for things, and Devin is able to capture that eye precisely the way I want it. He has my full backing and support in being hired. You will be sorry if you don't get him while you can."

~ Justin Thompson, director

"Devin is on point from beginning to end! He's punctual, has creative genius, is incredibly hard-working and manages to wrap all that up with a pleasant personality and an easygoing attitude. I've worked with Devin on two projects and I look forward to collaborating with him on many more."

~ Britt Shelfin, director

"Devin took my idea and made it better. He went above and beyond to places I could never think of. He paid meticulous attention to details of things I knew nothing about! He worked fast and hard under a stupid deadline and I loved my finished product. I will hire him again."

~ Laurie Howlett, director

"After working with Devin on several projects now, I've come to trust his intuitive approach. Even if the project involves an unfamiliar subject, he always finds a way to turn it into something beautiful and inspired. Every project he has done with and for our company has simply amazed me. I really do see Devin as a great artist." 

~ Jeff Lee, education director of Working Wildlife

"Devin is my go-to-guy . His enthusiasm for the work is infectious, and it shows in the final product. He is fast, reliable, and above all else, talented."

~ Christina Aimerito, actress 

"Devin was referred to me through a friend and am I so glad I chose to contact and collaborate with him! He is very good at getting a project done fast and I like how he edits video and sound/music to fit just right."

~ Sean Purucker, designer

"Devin, wow! You were professional, easy to work with, and it was so nice to see you be so receptive to the project. I will absolutely call you again, you're part of the team! Yay!" 

~ Lara Fuchs, teacher 

"I believe you'll go very far in your passion with film. You've got the humble, personable, and compassionate connect with others. And you see and feel the moment like the true magic thats right in front of our eyes, yet sometimes hidden by distractions."

~ Christopher John Hills V, model

"Working with Devin made a tremendous impact in my business branding. As a social media manager, I needed to be really on top of online marketing and in this field video is king.  Despite this, I was very concerned about not doing or saying the right thing and felt super self-concious.  Devin turned this nerve-wrecking experience into a fun project that let me express why I love what I do.  Not only did he understand what I needed to get across but he made it look amazing.  I have known Devin for several years and I can tell you I have never worked with anyone so meticulous, ethical and committed to the quality of their work.  This is an investment you cannot afford not to make!" 

~ Luz Donahue,  social media consultant

"Devin has a great eye and true artist's instincts when it comes to his graphic work. He went above and beyond on a tight schedule and delivered with perfection."

~ Morna Ciraki, director

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